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PHP Conference UK 2007 Registration Open

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By dennisp on Thursday, 18 January 2007, 15:43
Published under: conference   news
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PHP London 2007 The PHP London user group has opened registration to PHP Conference UK 2007 which will be held in London on 23 February 2007

Quoting the announcement:

The conference presents a potential audience that includes web-developers, programmers, open-source enthusiasts, and business-people with a significant opportunity.

As well as being able to hear about some of the most interesting topics within PHP from those responsible for pushing the agenda, delegates will also have the opportunity to network with the 230 other attendees.

Informal events are planned for the evening before and following the conference itself, allowing yet more time to chat with other delegates and to expand your contacts within the industry.

The speakers are: Cal Evans, Simon Laws, Kevin Henney, and Rasmus Lerdorf. In particular, Rasmus Lerdorf will give a talk on using PHP5 to build a modern scalable rich web application.

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