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Most Important Feature of PHP 5?

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By dennisp on Wednesday, 24 January 2007, 07:40
Published under: oop   php5   poll   sqlite
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The International PHP Magazine was conducting a poll to name the most important feature of PHP5. The winner was better OOP support

The poll which was conducted over the last week, included the following questions:
  • Better error handling
  • Better MySQL performance
  • Newer useful functions
  • SQLite Database support
  • Best OOP support period

The winner was the last option, "Best OOP support period", with 58.8% of votes. The runner up was "Newer useful functions" with 10.3%, then "Better error handling", "Better MySQL performance" and "SQLite Database support" with 4.4, 2.9 and 1.5%, respectively.

So, we can state, that better OOP is the main feature that will drive the adoption of PHP5. However, it would be interesting if the poll included the performance-related questions (as Zend Engine 2, used in PHP5, is better performing than Zend Engine 1, used in PHP4).

Also PHP5 programmers tend to use exceptions as the preferred error handling mechanism, since they placed the "Better error handling" on the 3rd place, just after the "Newer useful functions", which can be explained that performance and convenience of common operations is also very important for them.

Sadly enough, SQLite support (which was a promising feature) didn't find enough supporters. All we can do is attribute this to the fact that SQLite databases are pretty incompatible with different versions of this library, and that the support for SQLite 3 in PHP5 is achievable only through PDO (and possibly recompiling PHP to support the latest SQLite 3 version), which is not an option for many.

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