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Solar 0.26.0 Released

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By dennisp on Thursday, 01 February 2007, 16:06
Published under: news   solar
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A new version (0.26.0) of Solar, a PHP5 framework, has been released and is available for download

Quoting the lead developer's blog (there is no announcement on the official site):

The first new release of Solar in three months, version 0.26.0 alpha, has arrived! There are over 150 separate changes and improvements noted in the change log. [...]

The single biggest change is a move from the Facade pattern to the Factory pattern for classes using adapters, such as Access, Auth, Cache, Log, Sql, and Role. [...]

The front-controller and page-controller now support automatic discovery of alternative output formats from the URI. For example, if the URI ends in ".rss" and that page-action allows the ".rss" format, the controller will automatically load up the ".php.rss" view and turn off the layout (instead of just the ".php" view with the default layout). This means you can use one action method to provide data for multiple output formats automatically.

Solar_Sql has a lot of little improvements: built-in profiling, emulated prepare-statment using PDO, new fetch*() methods to eventually replace the select(*) method, table-column definition retrieval via fetchTableCols(), and much more.

Solar is a PHP 5 framework for rapid application development. It is fully name-spaced and uses enterprise application design patterns, with built-in support for localization and configuration at all levels.

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