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onPHP5.com Site Upgrade

« Poll: Do you run PHP4-based code on PHP5? Solar 0.27.0 and 0.27.1 Released »

By dennisp on Monday, 05 March 2007, 18:26
Published under: onphp5
Views: 3702, comments: 0

We have added two new features to the site: polls and recent comments box

We would like to inform our readers that from today we will be publishing different polls that might be of interest for PHP5 developers and companies using or creating PHP5 software. Some polls can be commented, just like we allow comments on certain articles pages.

If you are a company interested in conducting a particular poll, or just have an idea for a poll regarding PHP5 (or PHP in general), don't hesitate and contact us. Our technology allows to conduct several polls simultaneously.

The polls appear in the left navigation column (if any poll is currently active). Also you can access the list of all current and past polls from the main navigation bar.

Another feature is the addition of recent comments box on the home page. While not new idea, this one has a neat functionality behind it - if you choose a tag from the tag cloud to bring the list of articles for a certain topic, the comments in the box will be from the relevant articles only (compare the security page and unicode page).

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Poll: Do you run PHP4-based code on PHP5?
Happy 2007!

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