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Poll Results: Do you run PHP4-based code on PHP5?

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By dennisp on Tuesday, 20 March 2007, 19:39
Published under: onphp5   poll
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We have closed our first poll here on onPHP5.com about migrating to PHP5

We have finished conducting our first poll on onPHP5.com titled "Do you run PHP4-based code on PHP5?"

The idea of the poll was to learn if you already upgraded your servers to PHP5 even for PHP4-based code. There is some "old" code incompatible with PHP5, but it is possible to migrate towards the new versions of PHP to have improved security and performance.

The answers to our question (Do you run PHP4-based code on PHP5?) and percentage of answers were:

Yes, and it works smoothly! 52.5%
Yes, but we had to change/upgrade some code  31.1%
No, we had to rollback to PHP4 from PHP5   0%
No, but we plan to do this   9.8%
No, and we don't plan to   6.6%

As we can see, the majority have already upgraded and those experiencing problems could successfully resolve them as nobody rolled back to PHP4. Also there are people looking forward to migration. The minority is happy with staying on PHP4. Bright future PHP5? Let's hope so!

Do you have an idea for a poll relating PHP5? Don't hesitate and contact us!

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