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PHP Version 5.2.2 Released

« Zend Framework 0.9.3 Beta Released Symfony 1.0.2 Released »

By dennisp on Thursday, 03 May 2007, 15:41
Published under: news   php5
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PHP version 5.2.2 has been released. This release continues to improve the security and the stability of the 5.X branch and all users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Quoting the announcement:
  • Fixed CVE-2007-1001, GD wbmp used with invalid image size
  • Fixed a header injection via Subject and To parameters to the mail() function
  • Fixed asciiz byte truncation inside mail()
  • Fixed wrong length calculation in unserialize S type
  • Fixed a bug in mb_parse_str() that can be used to activate register_globals
  • Fixed unallocated memory access/double free in in array_user_key_compare()
  • Fixed a double free inside session_regenerate_id()
  • Added missing open_basedir & safe_mode checks to zip:// and bzip:// wrappers
  • Fixed substr_compare and substr_count information leak
  • Limit nesting level of input variables with max_input_nesting_level
  • Fixed CRLF injection inside ftp_putcmd()
  • Fixed a possible super-global overwrite inside import_request_variables()
  • Fixed a remotely trigger-able buffer overflow inside make_http_soap_request()
  • Fixed a buffer overflow inside user_filter_factory_create()
  • Fixed a remotely trigger-able buffer overflow inside bundled libxmlrpc library

In addition to that, memory manager has improved performance, as well as GD, SQLite and PCRE libraries are upgraded.

This release fixes over 120 bugs.

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