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Prado 3.1.0 RC Released

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By dennisp on Tuesday, 15 May 2007, 09:18
Published under: news   prado
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The Prado framework development team has announced the release of 3.1.0 RC

Quoting the release announcement:
We are proud to announce the RC release of PRADO 3.1.0. This is the result of nearly one year of hard work from the PRADO Group and represents a major milestone in the PRADO development. We hereby thank all PRADO developers and supporters.

Please note, since this is a RC release, part of the code (especially those related with new features) may not be stable and are subject to change. Be very cautious if you intend to use this release in a production environment.


- DB access: added three layers of database support, including PDO-based data access, Active Record and SqlMap.
- Active controls: a list of AJAX-enabled Web controls.
- Web services: added SOAP and JSON services.
- TOutputCache: a control that caches selective parts of rendered HTML pages and can improve performance significantly.
- TShellApplication: the base class for PRADO command line application
- TDbCache: a generic cache module using database as persistent storage
- TDbUserManager: a database-driven user manager module
- TClientScriptLoader: a control for loading JavaScript libraries
- Added six new demos, including chat, blog-tutorial, currency-converter, soap, sqlmap and time-tracker.
- Many minor feature enhancements and bug fixes.
- Complete change log

The new release can be downloaded here.

PRADO is a component-based and event-driven programming framework for developing Web applications in PHP 5.

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