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Happy 2007!

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By dennisp on Saturday, 30 December 2006, 14:10
Published under: onphp5
Views: 4004, comments: 0

Welcome to onphp5.com! We are opening in January 2007, please come back!

We, the team of onPHP5.com, are proud to welcome you to this new hot resource. As the name implies, this is the place you will find the latest info on PHP5 language and software, as well as general topics related to PHP: web, HTTP, SQL, JavaScript etc.

We would like some good writers to join our board of editors so that they can publish with us. However, if you have news on your PHP5-based project and would not bother posting it here, just email that news to us and we will be happy to share it with the rest of the world (Please see the Contact Us page for the details on how to reach us).

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