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Zend Platform 3.0 Beta for Windows Released

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By dennisp on Tuesday, 16 January 2007, 20:41
Published under: news   zend platform
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Zend Platform 3.0 Beta for Windows has been released and is available for download

Quoting the announcement on Zend Developer Zone:

This release includes the following new major features (introduced at the Linux Beta):

  • PHP 5.2 Support

  • Installation massive improvements (flow, detection, correctness)

  • Session Clustering High-Availability mode

  • Job Queues

  • SNMP Traps Support

  • Actuate BIRT Reporting integration

  • Performance Enhancements – including Performance Tuning page

  • Dynamic Content Caching Regular Expression Support

  • PHP Configuration Control enhancements

  • Web Services Enabled

  • GUI usability updates

Additionally, the following features are now supported in this Windows release (not new features):

  • Session Clustering

  • Multi node (cluster) installation

  • Memory and Load events are supported in PHP Intelligence

Zend Platform 3.0 delivers a comprehensive feature-set geared towards facilitating enterprise PHP production environments. Zend Platform encompasses three types of Servers - Performance Management Server, Integration Server & Enterprise Server - each delivering a set of features and solutions aimed at a specific set of needs.

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