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Articles: onphp5

Poll: Does your mom have an email account?

By dennisp | views: 4365 | on Saturday, 31 March 2007, 09:41

It's time to take a small break and give a smile! Please participate in this April 1st related poll

Poll Results: Do you run PHP4-based code on PHP5?

By dennisp | views: 7177 | on Tuesday, 20 March 2007, 19:39

We have closed our first poll here on onPHP5.com about migrating to PHP5

Poll: Do you run PHP4-based code on PHP5?

By dennisp | views: 4577 | on Monday, 05 March 2007, 20:08

We are conducting a poll to see if you already upgraded your servers to PHP5

onPHP5.com Site Upgrade

By dennisp | views: 3702 | on Monday, 05 March 2007, 18:26

We have added two new features to the site: polls and recent comments box

Happy 2007!

By dennisp | views: 3991 | on Saturday, 30 December 2006, 14:10

Welcome to onphp5.com! We are opening in January 2007, please come back!

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