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Poll: Does your mom have an email account?

Do you run PHP4-based code on PHP5? »

From 31 March, 2007 till 07 April, 2007
Votes: 5, comments: 1

This poll is now closed

April 1st is approaching and we wanted to do something a bit funny, too, however, with a scientific goal. The point of this poll is to investigate if developers influence their families (especially older members) to be more web-savvy users than average

  Yes, and she even knows what PHP is!
  Yes, she does!
  No, she does not, but she knows what email is
  No, she does not
  What is email anyways?

1.  Yes, and she even knows what PHP is! 2 votes 40%  bar.gif
2.  Yes, she does! 2 votes 40%  bar.gif
3.  No, she does not, but she knows what email is 1 votes 20%  bar.gif
4.  No, she does not 0 votes 0%  bar.gif
5.  What is email anyways? 0 votes 0%  bar.gif


#1  By Kamberley on Thursday, 13 October 2011, 12:21
Kudos to you! I hadn't thghout of that!

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