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Wed, 26 Jan 2022
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Welcome to this new resource we have on the great PHP5 language!

Our Mission, or why did we do this?

Our mission is to help promote the PHP5 language and its wider acceptance on the enterprise level. We believe that PHP5 is fantastic platform for developing web and even non-web applications. There are lots of tools and great frameworks written in PHP, and most of them are already compatible with PHP5, as well as there are dozens written in pure PHP5.

However, we can see that PHP5 is not very widely accepted. Only recently there was some growth in the number of hosting companies that offer PHP5 (and especially the companies that offer cheap shared hosting are very reluctant to adopt PHP5). Most web development companies use PHP4 as their primary development platform, not utilizing the great features of the modern OO syntax of PHP5.

On the other hand, we didn't come across any good resource that would deal with what we have put as our mission. That's how the idea of www.onphp5.com was born.

Hey you look like a blog, you can't be authoritative!

Yes, we look like a blog, in fact, this site is powered by a blog engine written in PHP5. However, this is not a personal blog, we are looking for authors who would like to join and start writing for onPHP5.com. We expect many professional programmers to join and publish with us.

Is there any company behind you?

No. This site is not backed by any company. And we don't get any funding (yet). However, if there would be sponsors, they would not influence our editorial policy.

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