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Sun, 28 Nov 2021
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Yes! We want you to contribute your best articles or tutorials you have on PHP5.

What kind of content are we looking for?

Well pretty everything that is related to the PHP5 language. Articles, tutorials, news on development of PHP5 software (like your framework or blog system), extreme programming. Especially we would like to have articles on PHP5 adoption on enterprise level, since our mission is to promote awareness and acceptance of this great platform.

Who can contribute? And how?

Everybody can contribute! If you want to become an author, just send us samples of your work (or links to your already published articles/blog) - and if we find them interesting for the PHP5 users, we will make you an editor. This means you will be able to publish/edit articles and moderate comments - just like us!

In fact, we would like to create a community of PHP5 authors to help us make this resource the best place to get PHP5-related information.

How else can I contribute, besides writing?

Even a link on your site or simply referring all your friends to us is of great help!

Do I get paid to write for you?

No. At least not now. Surely we want to grow big, where we could make enough revenue from showing ads (we start showing them already). If we get enough popularity, we will think of ways of compensating our fellow editors

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